My Favorite Larry Story


The story that always comes to mind when I think of Larry is the one he told me at Fisher Radio in the Tower Building. I've repeated this story at least a hundred times.

As you know, Larry was living a fast life during his Vito days where he and his buddies would pack up and head to Italy on a whim with little notification to his wife. At Christmas time he asked his wife what she wanted for Christmas and she said, "A divorce." Larry laughed and said, "No, really, what do you want for Christmas?" She responded, "I really want a divorce!!" Larry responded, "I wasn't planning on spending that much money."

It's still one of my favorite Larry stories and whenever his name comes up I tell it. Most recently at the survivors lunch at Andy's Diner where I told it to Jay Ward, Les Smith, and numerous others.

When I was involved with the Bailie School of Broadcast I often used Larry as an example of success in radio and I always thought his biggest asset was consistency. When people tuned in to his show they always knew what they were going to get, year in and year out. Not many in this business enjoyed a career like that.
Sincerely, Dick Curtis