Expecting The Unexpected with Lar

Tribute to a Seattle Radio Legend 


We could fill an entire Web site with stories of Larry's ability to just talk with listeners...and those with whom he shared the KOMO airwaves. Every time you entered the booth you never quite knew what was going to happen. It was part of the magic for listeners and co-workers. This comes from Jennifer Beschel Austin who got her start in the KOMO Radio newsroom and is now a producer on KOMO TV's Northwest Afternoon.  

Hi Lar,
Jennifer Beschel Austin here...wishing you well.  I'm so very thankful I had a chance to work with you at KOMO Radio.  I joined the news staff in 1985 (replacing Carol Martin as the news grunt) and you were so kind to me as I cut my chops in radio broadcasting. I appreciate all your help and advice.

I can remember doing my first live report opposite you in your booth.  I'd practiced my delivery and got through the piece without a mistake...then, you took me by surprise by asking me a question about the story when I finished.  That flustered me a bit and you very gallantly helped me through my answer...smiling reassuringly the whole time.  It was a great lesson in expecting the unexpected and helped me see why your spontaneous personality made such terrific radio.  You always turned everything you did into sounding like a conversation with a good friend.  That's such a gift. 

I left KOMO after ten years to work two years in Florida at WINZ & WIOD.  The airwaves were filled with arrogant blowhards and sarcastic shock jocks; listening to them was a downer and working with them was no picnic.  While there, I'd think back fondly to your gentle, entertaining, friendly on-air style and your helpful, playful off-air personality. It's a blessing I started at KOMO and experienced working with you and the gang first, otherwise, I doubt I would have stayed in  the biz.  Knowing there were quality people in radio and quality programming in Seattle...where I was headed home... helped me get through those two years of Miami "broadcasting hell."

Thanks for the Christmas Tea readings, "Stop the Cavalry" replays, the jokes and the fun... you are one of the reasons I'm still in this business after 27 years.

Hugs & Prayers,
Jennifer Beschel Austin