Larry Nelson In Georgia


My dad, the late Jack Hemingway was a well-known  radio personality (KIXI-KFKF-KING-KTIX-KETO, etc.) and engineer in Seattle and I used to love to go to the radio station with him. I always got to meet the other folks that entertained us via the airwaves.

I remember a new guy coming aboard over at KFKF (1330AM at the time with the studios right there in Bellevue Square before it became a mall). If I'm not mistaken it was his first on-air job and he was always nice enough to take the time to talk to me. He came over to the house for dinner a number of times and was always a great guy with a funny story to tell and  his velvet tones. I'm referring, of course to Larry Nelson.

I followed in my father's footsteps and have been in the radio biz since the 70's. My first two jobs were at KQIN-800AM(now KGNW) and KEZX 98.9. My career took me to Georgia for a number of years before I was able to return to the Northwest. There was a time I worked two stations at the same time, about 25 miles apart. When I did my "moonlighting" at station #2, I had to use a different air name other than "JJ Hemingway," so I could actually do both jobs. The on-air name I chose -- "Larry Nelson."  Worked there for about a year. So, for the better part of year Larry Nelson was alive and well in Augusta, Georgia!!

When I'm in Seattle I continue to hear Larry on commercials and he sounds exactly the same as I remember -- smooth, friendly and a true pro! You're one of the best!!!