Matchmaker Larry


A little over 12 years ago, I was hanging out at the Northgate Mall, watching Larry, Gina Tuttle and their producer, David Leong pull off another successful Husky Tailgate show. 

Sitting alone sipping coffee, I'd been recently divorced and had no intention of getting 'involved' in another relationship, when in walked a woman with a smile that knocked me over and a wonderful personality. We began talking and Larry took note of the lengthy conversation.  He decided to play cupid and track her down, based upon the scant information she'd passed on to him.  (That amounted to a first name and the high school where she worked.)  You see, she'd listened to Lar for many years and wanted to finally meet him.

The following Monday after his show, he found her and called.  As she wasn't available, he left a message on her phone claiming to be me, saying "I want to meet you again" or something to that extent. I remember chasing him down the hall of the station when he told me!

Well, that started the inevitable chain of events that led to my marrying Jannelle the following March ('96) and I will be forever grateful to the guy we all love.  He's solid gold and has left everyone he meets a huge fan.
Tom McCarthy