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A Message from Larry's Wife Gina

UPDATE 11-26-07

Hello Family and Friends,
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with all the family around us. What a joy for both Larry and me.
Lar went to his radiation appointment today (11-26) and all went well at that end. The next appointment was with his oncologist, Dr. Fitzharris to determine whether to proceed with the chemo treatment this week. It was apparent to the doctor that he was exhausted from  the weekend activities although they were so wonderful. Dr. Fitzharris decided not do do chemo until Lar could build up his stamina with rest and good nutrition, so we are on hold right now with the chemo. The Dr. suggested he spend the week resting and eating as many calories he could get in. Along with that, the Dr. asked me to let everyone know that he cannot have visitors for the balance of the week to let him get some rest. Hopefully, by next week Lar will be stronger and can continue to welcome his friends. I will let you know.
It's been difficult for me to answer all the emails and phone calls and still give Lar the attention he needs. Please know how important you are to us and how welcome your messages are. I'm sure you understand.
I will keep you posted.
Love to all, Gina


UPDATE 11-17-07:

Hello Friends & Family
First, sorry if you have un-returned calls and or emails. We are trying the best we can to get back to all, so please accept this group message.
OK, so Lar is undergoing radiation, as we speak. He had a bout at the hospital but they were able to stabilize him (Thank God).
Originally the plan was radiation and Chemo, but now they will determine on Tuesday (11-20-07) if he can now be a candidate for chemo. It all depends on his strength. We are trying hard to fatten him up and get him a little active before Tuesday. A candidate has to be active 50% of their awake time. Lar has zero activity. The heavy narcotics (for pain) do make it difficult. But we are doing all we can to change that before Tuesday.
His doctor today (11-17-07) said he would like to try a Light Chemo not the full blown as long as we get him somewhat where he's a little as above mentioned.
He had a wonderful day on Thursday (11-15-07). His beautiful crystal clear blue eyes sparkled. His lovely animation. Of course,  his humor came shining thru :)).
He had an extremely busy day with NO NAPS for a 12 hour period. That tired him out so Friday they chose to keep him an extra due to exhaustion.
New Rules from The Doc: 15 minute visits ONLY for now anyway. Thanks for understanding.
We thank you all for the prayers, good thoughts and wishes. More to follow.
We wish you a warm Thanksgiving as we have much to be thankful for.
Many Blessings!
Larry & Gina


UPDATE 11-05-07:

First, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.
Lar has stage 4 lung cancer. Terminal. Inoperable. It's called non-small cell and, as they say, has gone outside the box following the spine and bone.
He has a great team of doctors. Gurus who believe they can stop his pain and he can live a NEW (normal) life while he's still with us. (I truly wish him a hole-in-one at Glendale)
That means radiation then chemo.

He has received so many wonderful emails and letters and we want to thank you all. Lar has touched so many lives and has been gifted with so many friends. All of you!!!!!!!

Our Little Angels have been surrounding us. Keep 'em coming folks and thank you.